Take responsibility for your health and fitness before illness takes care of you!

Take Another Step Toward Your Health and Fitness

Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.

Richard Bach

Yes, that's true. Within each of us lies the power to be happy, healthy and rich; and if we use it a right way we can obtain incredible effect and accomplish a lot more in our lives.

I was born more than 50 years ago and in my childhood I was not a healthy child. I mean it. I was cut length and breadth, in most cases it was helpful (thanks to the doctors). Now, after so many years, when I am writing this words, despite all the health problems I'd experienced in my life I'd like to thank my mom and dad for giving me this life, for their love and support over the years, for teaching me the right things. They also taught me some lessons of a healthy lifestyle as far as they knew the subject. When I grew up I understood that if I won't do something with myself I will never become a person of integrity. I started to study books, magazines and... no Internet didn't exist those days :D. I tried many interesting things, I checked most of them myself, and in some cases, I felt like a guinea pig. Maybe it is the reason why I am still alive, and what is more important, I am fine and I feel great!

Sounds good? Then join me! This site is aimed at helping ordinary people like you and me to solve health issues by exercise, healthy foods, and thus boosting our immune system and protect ourselves from getting stuck in disease. I've intentionally written "people like you and me" because working on this site helps me to organize and piece together my knowledge and experience.

I am also going to talk about our psychological activities. Indeed, a good half of our ailments and even general life problems appear to come from inside our head. I am going to solve some of your issues with just a smile. Your smile.

Now let's get back to the doctors. I appreciate the doctors' work and would like to say that we all need them in an emergency case, but at many other occasions, we can heal ourselves by ourselves. So, do you need for some reason to go to a doctor? Think again, maybe you don't have to. One doctor, I have to stress, a good doctor, once confessed: "There's not a doctor alive who hasn't aggravated or caused some disease, I regret to say, including myself." Let alone the bad doctors. But I propose you that we should go even farther: let us try to let alone the majority of them.

Even the best doctor will never sense your body as well as you do. This is the chief reason why I am trying (and often with great success) to keep my physical and psychological health intact by myself. Now that I've crossed my fiftieth mark I'd be glad to share my experience and practice, hoping that it may be helpful to someone else out there.

This site may be useful to anyone who desires to live a healthy and fulfilled life without paying loads of medical bills and taking tons of pills. You can use it in your everyday life to seek advice and help when you are worried about your – or maybe your loved ones' – health.

Most information here is based on my own experience or that of my friends and relatives. However, if I'll find some useful piece of knowledge on the Internet or any other source I will present it here.

As I said above I am not a doctor, neither am I some kind of cure-all guru. I made a lot of mistakes before I found the truth. Actually, I didn't find the absolute truth I just approached it a little closer. I also hope you can learn from my experience instead of making your own mistakes.

Welcome to the hitafit.com!

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