Men’s Sexual Health after 50

Take responsibility for your health and fitness before illness takes care of you!

Men’s Sexual Health after 50

"Do they have sex after 50?" May ask a young man of about 20 with a sarcastic grin. By 49 or even earlier he will change his mind.

For a man, the term sex is ever stimulating, exhilarating, exciting, thrilling invigorating and spine-tingling. But before I discuss man’s sexual health after 50, I'd like to tell you some interesting scientific facts on sex, sexual health that definitely depends on general health condition.

Science defines sex as an instinctive behavior that results on account of close interaction of a stimulus and subsequent neurological response. Thus, woman is the stimulus and the ensuing neurological pattern from a man is the response.

Sexual health of a man can be medically defined as the ability of a man to effectively and efficiently respond to such a stimulus. A good sexual health thus, depends on a good condition of entire body. A good health is a condition where one is able to efficiently convert the food into energy and utilize this energy as per one own will. This energy conversion process is a continuous process that keeps us alive. Death occurs when this process comes to a halt.

Every living being faces a time-energy crunch in this process of energy conversion and subsequent utilization. In other words, our health gets affected due to various factors that disturb and retard this life process. Aging is one such factor that severely impairs and retards this energy conversion process.

The secret of a good sexual health at 50, thus, lies in maintaining this energy conversion efficiency. Keeping oneself fit minimizes the energy crunch in terms of effective mobilization of glucose reserves and prompt enzymatic conversions of lactic acid in the muscles. A gymnasium workout, jogging, walking or swimming can help maintain a good muscular tone and physical stature. This in turn improves the hormonal physiology that is vital for a good sexual performance in terms of sustained erection, adequate scrotal secretion and voluntary ejaculation.

Further, sex is essentially a psychosomatic function that involves mind and the body. Thus, psychological events like a failed love, a failed marriage, non-fulfilment of normal sexual desires, failure to beget a child, poverty, not being able to achieve life goals, grief due to unforeseen diseases or accidents, bereavement and loneliness affect sexual performance.

Romance is an excellent answer to such negative events. Romance triggers the relaxation mechanism in the body propelled by physical and psychological intimacy. A dinner with the human ingredient of love, a long kiss and a tight hug can enhance the neurological response giving a wonderful sexual life even at 50+.

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