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Take responsibility for your health and fitness before illness takes care of you!

Articles About Health And Fitness

In this section of the website I am gathering a collection of information about health, that seems interesting to me, in hopes you might find them interesting too.

Seven body organs you can live without
The human body is incredibly resilient. When you donate a pint of blood, you lose about 3.5 trillion red blood cells, but your body quickly replaces them.

Keep an Eye on Your Eyes
The human eye is the organ of light perception that endows the faculty of vision.

Happy Hormones - Why Do We Need To Be Happy?
Psychology defines happiness as a mental or emotional state of well-being marked by positive and pleasant emotions.

Men’s Sexual Health after 50
"Do they have sex after 50?" May ask a young man of about 20 with a sarcastic grin. By 49 or even earlier he will change his mind.

Common cold and flu: what’s the difference?
How to avoid colds and flu? The good old vitamins especially vitamin C combined with healthy foods are, of course, a plus, but...

Sore Throat What to do?
Salt water gargling does not help in the later or advanced stages of the infections...

Immune System and Disease Prevention
The destruction process is accomplished primarily by two methods known as Cell-mediated immunity and Humoral immunity.

Rinse Your Mouth
If there’s one subject on which I’ve been given a lot of conflicting advice in my life, it’s dental health. The trouble is, the advised action often turns out to be the opposite of what is good for the teeth.

Get Rid Of Acne — the Natural Way
The most important benefit for the natural acne treatment is it is generally free from side effects and no report says that it is harmful by any ways. Natural treatments start from your kitchen and therefore, they are quite less expensive as compare to other medical sciences' treatment.

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Your back pain may be treated and believe it or not in many cases it may be done at home. Read all...

The sciatica symptoms distinguished as pain spreading along the sciatic nerve. It starts from the affected side of lower back and goes down to the...

Alcohol in small doses is good in any quantity. This is just a joke, but some apologist of regular drinking use it to justify their addiction. I think that unlike other jokes this one hasn't got its grain of truth.

Is insomnia a sentence?

Do you need a dazzling smile?

To quit or not to quit?
I had struggled for years with quitting and been successful, only to start again.

I am a workaholic
How about you?