Lower Back Pain Relief

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Lower Back Pain Relief

Solve Your Back Pain Problems At Home!

Did you know that your lower back pain in many cases can be treated without medical assistance? Furthermore it can be eliminated without pills and injections, substitute conservative and operative treatment. I'll show you several simple yet effective exercises which may help you to fight your back pain problems forever, in the sense that if the pain comes back (we all live in a real world) you may always use the exercises to stop it.

I will also tell you the story how I managed to relieve my sciatica using sciatic nerve stretches. Sciatic Nerve Pain is a pain spreading from the lower back to the upper part of the legs one or both depending on location and extent of ailment. Sciatica symptoms also include tingling numbness and limitation in movements of hips. Sciatic nerve pain more often develops in middle age to old age people due to aging of body tissues and joints. The intervertebral discs degrade with years and the padding provided to the spine decreases. The condition worsens by lack of exercise, overweight, and strenuous work. But this is a different story.

The main cause of back pain is prolonged stretching and overload of the ligaments and joints in the spine. First of all visit a physician to exclude other causes of sharp back pain, which could extend from disk herniation, trauma, spondylolisthesis to tumors. Have you already done that? OK, let us begin. The exercises to release your back pain can be performed at home without any special equipment. Regular exercises can improve the muscle tone and strength, giving them ability to support the back effectively in the course of movement. But let's get back to the topic. Everybody has problems ones in a while. Sometimes I have a terrible, sharp backpain. Causes - see above.

Here I am going to talk about lower back pain.

The story began when I helped my relatives to get their new fridge upstairs. At one moment as I strained myself to hoist the gadget off the floor I was suddenly struck as if by a lightning bolt in my back. As far as it happened in warmed-up condition, I was able to finish our job. But the other morning I couldn't get from the bed by myself. The pain was unbearable. This condition continued for about 3 weeks as I didn't have time to go to a doctor and hoped the pain will go by itself but it did not. Than I tried some back pain relieving ointments but they helped only temporarily. I couldn't live and work normally. It was horrible. My life turned to hell ever since. I was about 40 that time.

Collecting information from different sources and inventing some motions by myself I had created the set of exercises that I use untill now if I happen to get back pain. Now I'd like to present the exercises to your attention hoping they'll be helpful for you as well.

Warning: If you have severe pains, in order not to induce more pain do all the exercises mentioned below slowly and smoothly.

Start position.
start position
Fig 1
Lie down on your back on the floor; put the calves of your legs upon a chair, ottoman or sofa.

The requirements are as follows: the height of the chair should be about the length of your thighs and when you put your heels on the chair your knees must freely bend in both (left and right) directions.

Put your hands under your neck. See fig 1. All motions have to be done about 20 times. If it is difficult for you to do an exercise by one approach, divide it in two or three with relaxations inbetween.

Warning: If you have severe pains do all the motions slowly and with lower amplitude.

  1. Raise your pelvis from the floor by straightening your knees and move it left and right.
  2. Shake it slightly. Feel your spine joints scrunching but don't make them hurt.
  3. Make a motion as if you are trying to move your pubis in the direction of your forehead, then arch your back on the floor and hold it in this position for a few seconds. It might slightly hurt but soon you will feel relief and pleasure in your back.
  4. Put your heels upon the chair and raise your pelvis repeatedly in this position.
  5. Relax for about 1 minute.
  6. With heels still on the chair raise your pelvis and make a movement as if you want to pull the chair to your body. It's not so easy but it is worth the expense.
  7. Now put your calves on the chair again and relax your legs, feet and toes. In this relaxed condition try to shake them strongly using your gluteal muscles.
  8. Bend your both knees left and right. Try to move them down as far as you can.
  9. Raise and straighten your left leg and swing it 7-10 times to the right as far as you can, try to keep your body straight on the floor. After that do the same turning your body along with the leg. Do the same with your right leg.
  10. Shake your legs on the chair. Do it laid-back.
  11. Get up, feel good, and start a nice day!

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