What do we eat?

Take responsibility for your health and fitness before illness takes care of you!

What do we eat?


I don't think I'd disclose a big secret if I told you that a man is what he eats. Unfortunately the idea is not mine, this phrase was told more than 150 years ago by Ludwig Feuerbach the German philosopher and anthropologist.

The vast majority of people around the globe understand and agree with the postulate but only a few of us follow it.

Today I am going to share some useful and interesting facts about foods we eat and beverages we drink including of course the main beverage and life-supporting liquid, called (you'll never guess) water.

I cannot say that I eat and drink only healthy and sustainable foods and drinks, it's not always easy, yet I am trying hard and the outcome is worth the cost!

Pumpkin — My Kin
Who will ever say no to a natural dietary component that is low in calories; has no saturated fat or cholesterol and at the same time offers dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in abundance?

Top 10 healthy foods
I have always thought of my body as a car: how do I want to look after my car to keep it in peak running condition? Do I want regular maintenance, good tires, great fuel mileage from top-grade fuel? If so...

Alcohol — poison or medicine?
...but things are never quite that certain. Take the case for drinking a little each day to reduce the risk of heart disease. Many people today view red wine, in particular, as a kind of preventative medicine. What heart disease experts actually say is that although...

Water – how much do we need?
Of course, if you’re like me, some of your water intake will be in the form of tea, coffee, fruit juice and occasionally something stronger. That’s OK, but most experts agree that pure water is healthier and should ideally make up...

Onion — My Health Companion
Onion enjoys a special place in my kitchen culture. Chopped onions with tomatoes; sliced onions with tomatoes and spicy onion soup are common...

Garlic — The Stinking Rose
I am sure most of us are aware that obesity or excess fat can cause heart related diseases. Regular dietary garlic intake has been shown to substantially lower blood triglycerides and total cholesterol...

Bloody Sugar — The Sweet Surrender?
I am dumbstruck when I go through the statistical data that declares over eighteen million Americans diabetic.

How Much Salt Do We Really Need?
Our body fluids are essentially electrolytic solutions containing numerous salts. These salts have specific body functions. The major functions of these salts include fluid regulation of the cells, maintaining the right pH of blood and neurological transmission...

Genetically Modified Foods — Do We Have A Choice?
The manipulation of the genes is done at DNA level and changes to DNA in one generation are passed on to the subsequent generations.

Foods That Could Help You Fight A Cold
Treatment of common cold has always been a challenge. More than two hundred types of viruses have been found to cause the disease.

Nutritious is Delicious!
In this piece, I've chosen ten of my favourite healthy, simple and wholesome recipes.

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