Sciatic nerve exercises and stretches, Easy And Safe Hip Pain Relief

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Sciatic nerve exercises and stretches

Easy And Safe Way To Relieve Hip Pain

The sciatic nerve (also known as ischiadic nerve or ischiatic nerve) according to Wikipedia is a large nerve fiber in humans and other animals. It begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. It is the longest and widest single nerve in the human body.

I can't tell you for sure what is sciatic nerve, I've never seen it. But I can tell you by my own experience what is sciatica pain. It's when you cannot seat walk and move in general normally. The cause of sciatica pain may be different but in most cases it is induced by pressure applied to it from outside forces for instance by carrying heavy things or awkward move. As a consequence we get a pinched nerve which may provoke sciatic inflammation.

The sciatica symptoms distinguished as pain spreading along the sciatic nerve. It starts from the affected side of lower back (back portion of pelvis) and goes down to the buttock and rear part of the leg. In some severe cases it ends in the foot. I don't think it is a good idea to describe detailed sciatica symptoms here, because if the topic is of current concern to you, you know them by yourself as good as I do. My goal is to give you the way to fight the symptoms, relief the pain and improve your life quality.

The exercises are simple and safe yet minor pain may occur. But if you experience severe pain in the course of exercises or after, stop performing them immediately and consult your doctor. At all events feel your body and do not torture it.

Before you do these exercises I recommend you to go through the back pain exercises as they are coupled tightly.

Start position same as in back pain exercises.

start position
Fig 1

Lie down on your back on the floor; put the calves of your legs upon a chair or a sofa. The height of the chair should be about the length of your thighs and when you put your heels on the chair your knees must freely bend left and right. Put your hands under your neck. See fig 1.

All motions have to be done at least 20 times (more is better).

  1. Put the outside part of your left foot upon the right knee. Push it outward with your hand in the direction of the chair. It means that you should move your left knee outward from pelvis. This motion will give very good stretch for your sciatic nerves. Now do the same thing for the right half of your pelvis. Put the outside part of your right foot upon the left knee. Push it outward with your hand in the direction of the chair. Do your best to move each of the knees as far as you can. Pay more attention to the affected side.
  2. Are your hands still under your neck? Good then let's begin. Raise your head and shoulders from the floor (elbows along the ears) and sway your body left and right touching the floor with your elbows. Listen and enjoy your joints and gristles. Don't be afraid if your joints making some kind of noise, this is normal unless they hurt.
  3. Stand up and stand back to the wall in the distance that you could hardly reach the wall with your hand. Have your feet shoulder width apart. Straighten your arms parallel to your shoulder making capital "T" with your arms. Turn your body left (legs straight on the floor) and reach to the wall with your hand (almost falling). Make turns left and right 20 times.
  4. Take a seat and straighten your back. Move your left buttock forward as far as you can while holding your right one firm on it's place. Then do the same motion for the right buttock. This exercise is very simple but at the same time it is very helpful and effective. It is especially good for drivers. Yep, you can do this exercise even while driving. It reduces sciatic nerve pain and gives you feeling of relief. Furthermore it helps you reduce driver fatigue and tension without stopping your car! I tell this from my own experience.
  5. If you have spurs, you often may feel them with your fingers. Spur feels like small, hard, painful swelling on your pelvic bone. In many cases spurs cause the sciatica. Lie down on your back again, put your fists vertically on the floor under the buttocks and move them in all directions until you feel a knot(s) under the skin. Fix the fists in this position and start moving your pelvis on the fists. Massage the spurs using your body weight. It hurts, but it helps. Do it as often as you can.
  6. And the last but not least; I wouldn't even call this motion "exercise" but it is very beneficial and rewarding. It is as simple as ABC. When you get awake in the morning (or whenever you get awake :D), lying on your back move (stretch) your legs one after another in the outward direction from your body, first move your heel and then pull your leg after it as far as you can. Drag your leg using your heel. It will stretch the entire body and first of all your sciatica.

Do these workouts every morning and every night to develop right habits, and pretty soon you'll notice considerable improvements in your back condition and general physical well-being.

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The sciatica symptoms distinguished as pain spreading along the sciatic nerve. It starts from the affected side of lower back and goes down to the...

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