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Medicinal Plants — Rejuvenation from Nature's Power

Can you imagine a world without plants and what would happen to us human beings if we were living in such a world.

Actually nothing would happen because without plants other kinds of life are absolutely impossible.

We, however, consider surrounding us trees herbs and plants as self-evident, not even paying attention to them; but that's in vain! We would not even be able to breathe, not to mention our foods, clothes, furniture... I'd better stop as the list could be endless.

But apart from all these advantages, plants are inexhaustible source of health, beauty, wellbeing and longevity. And this is exactly what we are going to talk about; yes, this portion of the site is dedicated to the medicinal plants.

Let us begin with:
Milk Thistle, a herb that can save your liver, gallbladder and other organs from damaging chemicals.

I was rather surprised to note that onion has been scientifically shown to lower the risk of cancer. The anti-cancer properties of onion are being investigated on colorectal, laryngeal, ovarian cancer, oral and esophageal cancer.

Garlic is one of the best cardio-friendly natural diet supplements. Most of the heart related ailments involve both the heart muscles and the blood vessels.

Pumpkin - my kin
This Vitamin rich vegetable is a treasure house of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and E.

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