Natural Sinusitis Treatment

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Natural Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms of sinus infection that I know firsthand: leaky nose at the first stage, heavy nasal congestion often coupled with a sore throat, discolored nasal drainage, sinus headache, feeling of pain or pressure in the forehead which may move to the entire head. Painkiller pills may not help any more. At the late stage the nasal drainage may become dark green and thick with blood inclusions as the infection of the sinus cavities may produce pus.

What causes sinus infections?

Sinus infection may be caused by running nose, common cold or flu, it also may start with non infectious allergic congestion or tissue swelling due to irritating effect of cigarette smoke, cocaine or nasal sprays, in common by everything that relates to airflow into the sinuses and secrete of mucus out of the sinuses.

Whatever causes them, the icky symptoms bring a lot of suffering.

Here I am going to talk mostly about infectious causes of sinus’ congestion including common cold and flu. According to my last experience I can not only ease the nasal congestion and sinus pressure but also get rid of the disease itself, and acquire free breathing and clear head using homeopathic remedies. I don't know for sure if it is a real homeopathy but I don't care while it really works.

My first encounter with sinusitis occurred when I was a teenager but then it happened regularly during all my life. I had tried many things for treating my sinusitis including official and alternative medicine. Most of them helped more or less to relieve the symptoms for some period of time, but pretty soon sinus problems came back. Among those treatments were pills, including antibiotics, nasal drops, sprays and steam inhalations of various kinds.

I didn’t try sinus irrigation, sinusitis aspiration or, heaven forbid, surgery. Frankly speaking I am afraid of all that stuff.

Then I conducted my own research studying naturopathic medicine sources in the books and on the Internet, and started experiments on my own body, (actually it was my nose). I found a plant, a wonderful plant that can medicate away all my sinus troubles. The experiments succeeded and I am glad to share their results with you. I can’t tell you that it’ll be a big pleasure but this is just a herbal therapy.

Before you start you may want to see the disclaimer.

Wonderful Plant

Believe it or not this magic plant is... onion, do not laugh. That’s true, the simple onion is a powerful antiseptic, that can fight a lot of diseases and sinusitis is not an exclusion. Below you will find some tips and tricks how to cure sinusitis naturally without surgery and antibiotics.

I presume you all know how to use cotton swabs and garlic press. :D

Peel one yellow* onion and cut it in half then cut a thin slice. Extract its juice with a garlic press. Depending on onion’s strength add few drops of warm boiled water. This is very important because if you won’t add water you may burn the skin in your nasal cavity with onion juice. Find out the required quantity of water in the mixture experimentally. Start with more water and feel the result, but remember that for the real effect you must sneeze and shed floods of tears and snot.

*You can use any onion but it must be pungent and quantity of water may vary depending on its strength. Wrap the left over onion into the wrapping film and put it into the fridge for later use. Never keep the juice, use only the fresh squeezed one.

Take two cotton swabs, dip them into the water-juice mixture and insert them into each nostril as deep as you can bear. For the first time it might be difficult but it is worth to do.

Hold the swabs in your nose as long as you can but trust me it won’t be long. J

It may hurt but after the very first treatment procedure you would feel improvement of your condition and relief. Carry out the procedure twice a day in the morning and at night. After couple of days, you can breathe freely but mucus residue will still be there so do not stop yet. Continue the treatment at least once a day. During the therapy you might feel the onion smell in your nose the whole day long but don’t worry it doesn’t spread out a lot. Few days after cure you might feel dryness in the nose which goes pretty soon.

The above home therapy may seem to some of my readers too obnoxious but this is a confirmed sinus remedy that works.

I wish you free breathing!

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